PUBG Mobile Hack, aimbot, wallhack and other cheat codes [2019]


Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (Yes! PUBG is an acronym in case some of you did not know) is the latest addiction of gamers. It is a multi-player online battle royale action game that is currently the most popular one where you can shoot and kill and have the first person experience for the game. And who doesn’t know about pubg in 2019? Everyone does. But do you know the easiest and latest hacks pubg holds? This guide will open the secrets to PUBG Mobile hacks & cheats!

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If you are here and reading this, you are a PUBG player and you know it’s always a good feeling to see “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER” flash on your screen when you’re the last man standing; or you are looking for some way to make that happen. And, although winning fair and square is great, knowing a few cheats to win doesn’t hurt.

Caution: PUBG is a secured server online game and any caught attempt to hack it can get you banned from playing the game.

PUBG Mobile Hacks

While the game is played online and the servers are cheat proof, many gamers are using a hacked version of the game.

In coding lingo, they have altered the code and this new altered code can be then installed on the device.

Well, you can modify the player health no not change, and hence no matter how much he is shot or hurt, the player’s health never diminishes making him immortal.

Well, the immortal one wins the chicken dinner.

Another commonly seen mobile hack is the invisible shooter hack. A player makes his graphics invisible or barely visible and plays the game.

This is also done by mobile mods, the modified version of the game. When no one else can see you and you can shot, you become the invisible shooter.

Another cheat is ammunition. A player may never run out of ammunition of the value is set to a greater number. Or the gun –recoil is turned off and there is no delay in shoots.

Mobile mods are available in downloadable APK (for Android Devices) or IPA (for the fellow iPhone users).

They can be stored in the file manager and installed on the devices from there. Some of the code configurations might require you to have a rooted Android device or Jailbreak iPhone.

It is a simple hack.

A mod or an application, or simply bots, will aim and shoot for you by mere holding down a button.

This hack empowers you by auto aiming and has further been modified to do a lot more of aiming work for the player.

The code for aim and shoot is injected into the game at the client side (user side).  This “code” is available in the form of increased aim assist for most Android and iOS games.

Aimbots are detectable by the anti-cheat programs where the game is hosted. Once reported this may lead to consequences.

So it is important to use aimbots carefully, and since anti cheat codes are getting more sophisticated, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Never shoot through the walls. But obvious.
  • Keep the accuracy rating low. If you get everything in first shot, well it is a problem.
  • Keep a low profile– by limiting your aiming speed and shooting speed; set some delay between aim and shot.
  • Never go for headshots only. Aimbots detect graphic objects and build a character model detecting components like head, torso etc. So set your profile for less number of headshots.
  • Beware of killcams, don’t let anyone see you are using an aimbot.
  • Try not to use too many hacks at one particular time.

Check out this site or even this one to look for aimbot cheats.

Some of these are available for a free trial version and you will have to pay to use them eventually.

Wall Hack is an Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

It will, like an aimbot, scan the area map for you and look for objects in the game, you can literally look through walls.

These objects are simply highlighted on the screen so that you don’t have to explicitly look for them.

Well, it could be players in the game so that you can find and shoot or just avoid them for the time being.

Also, items like carshousestrees to run to or find supplies in a house to loot.

Wall Hack gives you the added advantage that you no longer need to scan the empty places yourself and directly find supplies like backpacks, rifles, armor or medkits to collect as you go.

It also means you’ll be able to get greater number of headshots and kills in total at the end of the game.

To use a wall hack on your mobile, there is no direct cheat code.

You will have to download a modified version of the client game available through an APK or iOS mod. What a mod does is it modifies the code of the game to show you other players and items by default.

Particular software is really easy, even for the beginners. This software only requires the basic details like your user name and a few other things. This is said to be one of the famous and easy way to hack pubg safely.

Hence, wall hacks are less risky than aimbots.

Battle Points in PUBG is an in-game virtual currency that the players earn based on various winnings. These battle points are to be exchanged for crates that contain various costumes.

While costumes do not provide any direct aid the player to play or provide defense, they help players in hiding in similar textured environments.

While one can earn battle points by playing the game; 20 points on each kill and few additional ones based on rankings and shots, it is always good to know if you can use a trick or two to multiply or earn them free.

There are a lot of websites that offer battle points on registering on their site or playing an ad or two. There are a number of paid sites too, that charge you for generating battle points.

Those who use these simple hacks recommend using these sites in a limited way to avoid ban. In addition, they ask you to share data, which might not be safe for you and your system, as nothing really comes free and there is a threat of malware and virus injection.

Change of body colors

This is the latest hack enables the users to change the body color of the other players so that they are easily detectable. There are colors options like green yellow pink red etc. the 2 most common colors used are green and yellow because they are immediately seen on the screen by the user. Some apps offer this hack in the play store. Apart from apps, various websites are developed to enable this hack.

Quick looting

Another interesting hack is the quick looting hack. Players lose some of their precious time in searching and looting. This hack let’s you pick up everything essential in a second and you’re good to go for the battle again.

Recoil scripts

When you shoot frequently and your bullets get finished, your character on the screen takes few seconds to recoil his/her gun and then shoot again. Sometimes, due to this delay somebody else shoots you and in no time you’re dead unexpectedly. Websites offer you to design the recoil script where the player’s character automatically recoils his/her gun without the wastage of even a single second.

AFK Mode: Simple BP Farming

Farming of battle points can also be achieved by doing nothing i.e, by going AFK (Away from Keyboard).

A player may simply pick a safe spot in the map and lay there hoping to last for a while. By being idle and doing nothing the player accumulates the basic in-game battle points plus the extra ones based on survival ranking.

Although this is less of a hack and more of a trick to get battle points without actually spending hours playing the game, this issue was addressed by the PUBG producer himself as the ‘idler problem’ and a trick that can be used without the fear of getting banned.


With this simple trick of AFK, quite a number of hackers have come up with a Bot that will farm battle points for you automatically.

There are multiple versions and codes available online (some of those that have been discontinued).

The basic idea is to write a code to move the player randomly at some interval and make them auto jump when plane arrives on the map or make them swim when under water.

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This increases the chances of survival as AFK and hence acting as a bot.

A bit of speed can save us all.

There have been many posts in the PUBG community that players claim to have seen other players sunning faster than usual.

This can be achieved by a speed hack, a simple modification in code to enhance the speed of the player.

Well, the anti cheat can detect this slight modification of code but if you want to try, increasing the speed by fraction so that you are not caught.

The process is simple- expose code of PUBG, change values of presets to outbound packets, sending packets faster than usual, throttle timeframe to ensure longer jumps and changing chance.

Try if you must but do not get yourself banned!

These were a few of the many hacks for the PUBG mobile game. Found them interesting? Read more such PUBG mobile hacks here.

PUBG Developers have made it clear they will not be tolerating any kind of cheaters.

Although these hacks seem tempting, there are many genuine players and these hacks are not very happy with hackers.

There is a continuous attempt at the server end to not to support these and any attempt to do so is considered illegal.

Once a player is spotted cheating by the battle-eye, he/she is thrown out of the game.

About 141 arrests have been made for PUBG Hacking. So be careful and play fair.


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