How to stop Facebook from spying us


Is Facebook spying on us? Is it really true? In the recent time, there has been ongoing a lot of debate and discussion about Facebook’s spying on us. The founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed being constantly eying Facebook users’ messages in an interview with Vox’s Ezra Klein. Facebook and its Founder Mark Zuckerberg has gone through a massive criticism from last few weeks.

Is Facebook Spying On Us Or Our private Messages, Data and Microphone?

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There was a dark period before 2004 and the invention of Facebook. After Facebook become available to the world people the world gets smaller to connect and explore. Apart from all the benefits, we get from Facebook there is some truth. It is really normal if you are not ready to hear them.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has just confirmed some unaware reality of Facebook. The company has its own system to sense what’s going on our mind and what kinds of messages we send. If someone tries to send a photo including vulgar images, child exploitation photos or any kind of graphics violence through the messenger, it stops you to send it. Facebook has its own terms and condition, and community standards. RIP to those Facebook passionate people who thought facebook’s messenger was dedicatedly private and safe.

There is another reason to boycott Facebook now. Facebook has another messaging platform “WhatsApp,” It has more than 200 million users. There are some unavoidable truths about WhatsApp. It is proven that most of the fake news, political and other sensitive misinformation spread from most of the WhatsApp groups chats, messages, and trolls.

The latest news shows that Facebook’s privacy is just corrupted and leaked around 87 million user’s information without their permission and knowledge and it is confirmed Cambridge Analytica. Among those millions, 560,000 were Indian users.

How Is Facebook Spying On Us?

We can see ads on Facebook according to our own choices, ask how? Did you ever notice that you just discuss with your boyfriend/girlfriend about buying a new car or a phone, then suddenly you start seeing all those ads related to phone or car. Why do you see them? Did you ever force your mind to think about that? Well, the answers are much horrible then you even imagine. Facebook is not obviously showing us ads on its own. Facebook is engulfing us with their strategy of using our personal information. It is wretchedly grabbing our both offline and online information. They know our locations, interests, and favorite belongings. This is the reason Facebook can show you targeted ads.

When an advertiser makes an ad, they have to select the parameters, i.e. someone who is single, engaged, married, living in Mexico, Greece, or New York, and the ages between 13 to 19 or 20 to 30. Then the advertising will appear to them who are in the criteria required panel. Like a Range Rover car’s ad will show to them who has liked the Range Rover’s pages or updates their status with mentioning Range Rover ever.

Facebook has our every particular information like where we live, our birth date, our high school, or graduated college, the activities like where we are going for having lunch, dinner, and going for the hangouts with friends and where we work.

This information is liable to show us appropriate ads and respectively eyeing on our information. You may think your profile’s information is enabled “Only Me”, but what about the data that Facebook can always access even the information are not shared with “public or friends”.

How Facebook Knows What We Like Or Not?

Facebook knows what you like or what you don’t like. We show our love by liking a page or a post. Sometimes, you may not like a page and just visited a page for searching a good pair of shoes or bags then you would see more relevant ads in your newsfeed. This is not a surprising thing. Facebook knows where you are stalking also. If you are stalking over your ex or enemy who is not on your friend list then the higher chance is you will see that person in your friends’ suggestions.

It was just offline activity about how Facebook spying on us. Let’s talk about some offline matter. The browser you are using to log in Facebook is now under threat. Noh, it is not going to make you lose your bank statements or weakens your others’ accounts information for getting hacked. When you are visiting a website for buying a laptop. Facebook will let you see all those laptop ads suddenly. Now, Don’t ask, “How is it possible?” Facebook is constantly using your browser’s cookies to show ads related to your search.

What Are We Sharing On Facebook” Messenger App?

Do you have messenger installed on your phone? A few years ago, there was no need to use messenger app separatelywith the Facebook app. Now, Facebook has made you bound to use their messaging app. Well, there are some scary reasons behind it. Messenger asks for some permission to access some information while you install it. Let’s just get to know the few of the frightening things we are sharing with Messenger app.

  • We allow it to read our Calendar dates. In this way, it knows the important events coming this month or next month that you may not want to share with anyone.
  • This app takes access to our contacts and lets us connect with them automatically. It is good that we are getting connected with our old high school friends after a long time. But, what if your contacts are revealed to Facebook?
  • It includes your phone’s text messaging service and has the ability to use text, multimedia files, and the links you are sending.
  • It is continuously using files, data of the device and even can get access to the camera and microphone.

Will It Be A Foolishness To Avoid Using Facebook now?

Facebook is serving us with its free texting, audio and video calling, sending files, and creating pages for boosting our business to the world level. Facebook is beneficial in every way. It is not a smart move to stop using Facebook now. It will make you out of the advanced world and may make you really ignored in the whole world.

Best Ways Stop Facebook from Spying On Us?

When there is a problem, it has many ways to solve that. Even you can stop Facebook from spying on us. There are some ways you might not notice yet that can protect you from being spied. Let’s know how you can regain your online privacy.

  • Location Tracking:

Simply turn off location tracking. It will stop Facebook to track your actual location.

  • Go to Settings and then Account Settings.
  • Find Location and turn that off.
  • Turn Off Personalized Ads:

Facebook shows ads according to your choice. You can opt out this function by turning this off.

  • Go to Settings and the Account Settings.
  • Navigate to Ads and then Ad Settings.
  • Now, turn off everything.
  • Don’t Re-Register Any Loyalty Cards:

You have to use your loyalty cards when you buy groceries and other belongings but don’t register a card on Facebook that has your own name, address, and phone number. Take the card that won’t let anyone track you.

  • Don’t Use “Protect” Feature:

Facebook’s protect is feature is pretty much popular nowadays. It is actually a free VPN service. But, Not fully free. It tracks your mobile data on the android phone. Does it act like a spyware? Probably yes. The best it to never click on facebook’s protect feature. Downloading this app is similar to download a spyware on your device.

  • Use Premium VPN:

VPN protects your data from hacker and encrypts private data. You can anonymously browse the web meaning no one can even track ISP and what you’re surfing online. In this case, VyprVPN can be your top choice.

  • Don’t Post “Public”:

Are you a public figure? If “not” then why would you share your photos and personal status to “Public”. Make sure you’re posting everything to “Friends.” In a meanwhile, you will be safe from anyone eying on you.

  • Disable Microphone Access:

Facebook is not definitely listening to you through your microphone. But, who knows if other apps are listening to you.

From your phone go to “Settings” then “Privacy”. Now, navigate to “Microphone” and disable microphone to those apps which don’t need it anyway to function.

Final Verdict:

In the world of technology, we can’t stay in the darkness of making ourselves departed from the modern social activities. We must stay in the form of technology. It is not a smart move to leave Facebook. We can definitely have some privacy precautions to avoid Facebook from spying on us.


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