How to block websites from asking to show notifications


Nowadays, Notifications from website have been a common thing in both desktop and mobile browser. But, You may not like to see that a website is asking you to provide proper permission to show notifications. Luckily, You can stop these sites from bugging you.

In recent years, So many web masters have adopted this feature “browser notification” on their websites. As a result, Visitors can get notifications about latest updates of specific websites, If they want. Unfortunately, Most users don’t like this feature. Even, It is so much annoying thing, when a website asks for permission to show notification in desktop or mobile browsers. It is worse for a user who visits so many websites daily. You can block websites from asking to show notifications. In fact, This is very easy to do.

Block Websites from Asking to Show Notifications:

Unfortunately, You can’t stop websites from prompting “Show Notifications?” in all web browsers. Because, Most browsers have not the relevant option. Luckily, You can do it in both chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Stop “Show Notifications?” Prompts in Google Chrome:

If chrome is your primary web browser, Disabling show notification prompt will definitely help you. You also can remove websites which are already bugging you by sending annoying push notifications. To do it, You will need to do following things.

  • At first, Open google chrome.
  • Now, Click on overflow menu (three vertical dots) button and go to Settings.
  • Scroll down and click on Show advanced settings….
  • Now, Click on Content Settings from privacy section. You also can directly type chrome://settings/content in chrome address bar and hit enter to go to content settings.
  • After doing it, Scroll down, find and mark Do not allow any site to show notifications.
  • Done.

From now, Google chrome will block websites from asking to show push notifications.

How to Stop Notification Requests from Websites in Chrome Mobile Browser:

Recently, Google has added notification feature like desktop browser in android version of chrome. In mobile browser, These types of notification requests are more annoying. So, You may wish to stop all sites from bugging you. To do it, You will have to do these things.

  • Open chrome in mobile.
  • Tap on three vertical dots and go to Settings > Site Settings > Notifications.
  • Now, Disable it.

From now, Chrome mobile browser won’t bug you on behalf of any website to enable annoying push notifications.

Disable “Show Notifications?” Prompts in Firefox:

Moazilla firefox doesn’t have a dedicated option like chrome to stop websites asking for permission to push notifications. But, Firefox has don’t disturb me option. In your address bar, Type about:preferences#content and press enter. There, You will find Do not disturb me. Just tick on it. This will block all kinds of notifications until you restart firefox. But, If you want to stop websites from bugging you permanently, You will have to play a trick. Here are detailed instructions:

  • In firefox address bar, Type about:config and hit enter. If you are accessing there for the first time, You will see a warning. Just click on I accept the risk.
  • Now, You will see a huge list of things that you don’t understand. Don’t worry. In search box, Just type notifications.
  • Now, Find dom.webnotifications.enabled. By default, Its value should be set to True.
  • Just, Double click on it to set its value to False.
  • Now, Restart Firefox.

From now, You will no longer be asked for permission to show notifications by annoying websites.

Stop Website from Asking to Show Notifications in Opera Browser:

Opera is another popular browser which has option to disable website notifications. If you are an opera fan, It will help you. Just follow these instructions.

  • From opera browser, Go to Settings > Websites.
  • Now, Scroll down, find and mark on “Do not allow any site to show desktop notifications“.
  • Done

Disable Desktop Notification in Safari:

Fortunately, You also can stop websites from asking to show notifications in Safari web browser. So, Mac users can get benefit from this. Anyway, To disable desktop notifications in safari, Do these things:

  • At first, Navigate to Safari > Preferences.
  • Then, Click on Notifications tab.
  • Now, Uncheck Allow websites to ask for permission to send push notifications from the buttom.

Stop Websites from Sending Push Notification Request in Microsoft Edge:

Unfortunately, In latest microsoft edge browser, You can’t block websites from asking to show desktop notifications. However, Like other web browsers, You can click on No, when a website ask permission to send you desktop notification. But i hope, In the future, We will have relevant option to stop website from bugging us.

Anyway, These are the ways to stop websites from bugging you for giving permission to show notifications. I hope, These tips will help you.


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