Free Download Showbox for Windows 7, 8, 10 & Mac


Showbox for PC comes handy in accessing a huge amount of free movies and shows. Watch your favorite shows conveniently by searching for them inside the app. As a matter of fact, it is really simple and easy to get the job done. Though, such an app brings a chance for media fans to download their favorite videos in order to access them in the future. A reason why this app is so famous is that it does not require a subscription process to work. So every user’s identity stays safe and away from others.

Download & Watch Movies on Showbox for PC

Movies are uploaded in Showbox on a daily purpose. It becomes very easy for a user to stay updated with the media through this app. It’s obvious that one will have to visit this portal on daily purpose for such a cause. Still, I think it’s worth it.


The rating section provides a list of top-rated movies by searching for them. Like trending ones, which have become famous recently. Movies about which people are gossiping a lot. As a matter of fact, this helps a user to make a right selection without wasting his time and human effort. Though, a user may feel amazed by the provided variety in this specific category.


The popular category in movies section allows a user to access all-time favorite movies. This way, one gets to know about movies which are old but are still loved by many. A heavy list of movies is available, a consumer can watch his desirable one by tapping once on it.


As told before, lots of movies are uploaded in Showbox for PC. A user can access which movie has hit the market recently and watch if he finds it intrusting. As a matter of fact, different movies from various categories are available in it. A user can make a choice to watch any one of them in a particular piece of time.

Watch Seasons on Showbox for PC

A crush on TV shows only dies with a man when he dies as well. People love to watch TV shows because they are your only companions in free time. As there are many shows delivered in the past and coming in the future as well. A number of categories are available in the app for a user’s convenience. Let’s talk about them:


With Showbox for PC, a user gets to watch his favorite TV shows. In the Updated section, locate the TV serials which are presented recently. Like the Game of Thrones, Arrow, Vikings and many other. Get the list on which TV shows are uploaded recently and watch them easily while sitting on a couch or while laying on your bed.


Get the list of featured shows in an instance. No need to search the whole internet to watch popular TV shows. Just get inside the Featured category and see what amazing variety it has to offer you. Go and tell about it to your friends, share some thoughts on the shows which are provided in this section.


The rating category helps a user get the shows which are loved by many. See for himself, what shows are rated the most. Watch them if you see them worthy of spending a whole lot of free on them. Fortunately, you will find different genres of shows in this particular section because if they are rated well, they must be in it.


Get a list on the newly uploaded shows in this section. Because every new show is uploaded in the new section. It’s not like, you will find old-time released TV shows in it, but only the ones which have hit the box office market recently. Such a way comes handy for the users to stay up to date with the box office.

Features of Showbox for PC

Showbox for PC comes with tons of astonishing features. All of them are stated below:

Watch Offline

There is a feature developed inside the app which allows a user to watch movies and TV shows offline. To do so, a user has to download his favorite media. With this, one gets to watch favorite media anytime anywhere. However, for this specific purpose, a user must check his device’s storage capacity and see if his device is capable of downloading such amount of data. Because if his device has a lower capacity of storing data, then it might become impossible for him to download the videos from the app.

Showbox Offered Resolution

Showbox for PC delivers a huge amount of facilities to its consumers. For instance, a user who does not have a good internet connection or is streaming videos via wifi. This app will help him to get a recommended video resolution. As watching videos without wasting online data, a user can decide to watch them in 480p. Furthermore, a user can also customize the video resolutions. He can set it to full HD, HD or as he prefers to do so.

Showbox Genre

Different TV shows & movies are available through the various genre. Action, thriller, role-playing and many others are provided. With the help of this category, access your favorite media in no time. Because it’s all about making choices, a user does not have to go through all of the other categories in order to get his desired media. The job gets done conveniently and a consumer gets to spend his free time only on watching his favorite media.


For a user’s convenience, this app helps a user to set his beloved media to the favorite list. This way, a user gets to access the set media files in a lesser time. This comes handy when the user does not wish to download the movies or TV shows but still wish to watch them in his free time. Also, this way becomes helpful for users who cannot watch all of the episodes or movies in a single piece of time. They can just continue watching them without spending dozens of search minutes.


In case, a user likes to watch his media which he has watched in the past. Now, he can access it easily. All the movies and TV shows which you have watched, their links get stored in your history list. Use such lists to access the media which you accessed in the past and if needed, delete your search history.

Showbox News & Sports

Showbox also provides its users with the latest news of box office. The ratings and the staff list is also available, which users can access to see details about their favorite media. Also, trailers on upcoming shows are provided, which consumers can watch and decide for themselves as such a particular show is worth spending time or not. Furthermore, there is another section made for the sports fans. People who love to watch sports on their device, they can use this app for such a cause. Though, news on sports is also accessible.

Can I Get Showbox on A Smart TV?

As a matter of fact, users can access Showbox on their smart Tv devices. To do so, navigate to your Android Tv settings and enable Unkown sources button. After that, connect your Android device with smart TV. Now, open the smart Tv settings and select Showbox. This way, you will be able to get Showbox on a smart Tv.

Is Showbox safe for PC?

Fortunately, it is totally safe to download and install Showbox for PC. Because this platform only allows you to access movies and tv shows. There is no need for a user to worry about the safety of his device and the data stored in it. Though, if you feel like getting security precautions as well, connect with an unlimited VPN while accessing the app.

Can I Watch Showbox on My Computer/Laptop?

Obviously, yes you can watch Showbox on Computer or Laptop. To do so, you are going to use the help of an Android emulator. As Showbox app is made for Android devices, you can always access such apps with the help of Bluestacks, NoxPlayer, Andy etc. All the services of Android emulator are for free, you do not have to spend a penny to achieve such a goal.

Showbox APK

A question may hit the mind of a user that, How do I run Showbox? Due to some complications, Showbox is not available on the Google Play Store. That’s why a user will have to download the Showbox APK file first. Such a file can easily be downloaded from the online stores and can be installed on smartphones & PC. Here’s the link:

(Download Link)

Download Showbox for PC, Laptop

As i told before, in order to download Showbox for PC. A user will have to use the services of third-party software so-called Android emulator. To do so, you will have to first download and install BlueStacks or NoxPlayer on your Windows PC or Mac devices. Head below to know how to download Showbox for PC on Windows and Mac:

  • At very fist, get download and install Android Emulator for Windows and Mac.
  • We have a number of good emulators (app players) suggest you choose Bluestacks, as it is best and fast enough to run android apps smoothly.
  • Open downloaded .exe file from your downloads in the system and run set up.
  • It will start extracting files from package wait for a while.
  • When all the data copied and installation complete, add your Gmail account to sync your data into Android Emulator.
  • Now go to Bluestacks main screen and click on upload APK, it is located bottom right side on the home screen.
  • Browse your files and click on Showbox APK file, it will upload in app player.
  • Go back to Bluestacks main menu, Showbox App is ready to use.



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