Best Gaming Chair Under 100 For 2018 – Game In Style & Comfort!


The best gaming chair is simply an ergonomic seat made to adapt to the user through a variety of adjustments (backrest, seat, armrests, cushions and rocking features). If you play a lot or work in front of a computer all day or you have health problems related to a bad sitting position (scoliosis, body aches, tendinitis of the wrist, sore buttocks, arms or at the neck), the purchase of an ergonomic chair will be advised by your doctor.

Being seated properly is essential to keep your back straight and avoid back problems. It is possible to damage a part of your body without realizing it or feel pain right away. The ergonomics of a gamer chair is therefore important.

Read on to learn more about our picks and reviews for these great gaming chairs.

Our Best Gaming Chair Under $100 Recommendations:

Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair – Our Top Under $100

  • The Homall Executive Gaming Chair provides lumbar support and headrest.
  • It is a top rated chair that offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
  • It boasts a high ergonomic backrest that hugs and supports the body.
  • It features a removable headrest and lumbar cushion that is perfect for those with lower back pain.
  • In addition, it can rest and lock between 80 and 180 degrees.
  • It is a top notch choice!
  • It has the capacity to conform to the shape of user’s body, thus maximize support and comfort. It also provides rocking functions and multi-directional wheels for improved flexibility.

Just a couple of cons about this chair:

  • It is a little stiff so if you are looking for something a little softer, maybe look at the other options here.
  • The arms are not adjustable.  They work very well for me, but taller people may want an adjustable option.

The Giantex Gaming Chair is synonymous with high-quality design and style.

  • It comes with a durable polyurethane leather that creates a sleek appearance.
  • This unit has a bucket design known for boosting comfort levels for gamers who spend many hours playing on their computers.
  • Its backrest is specially designed to conform to the user’s body, thus provide optimal support.
  • This chair has a large load capacity making it ideal for different users.
  • Gamers can take advantage of comfortable arm rests.
  • The 360-degree swivel wheel allows the seat to move smoothly on the floor, which enables users to enjoy improved flexibility.

Just a couple concerns to note:

  • No tilt feature, however, it does recline back around 30%.
  • Cannot adjust armrests.

Furmax Executive Racing Office

The Furmax Executive Racing Office Chair is specially designed for the long gaming or office hours.

  • It provides decent support to the back thanks to its well-designed high backrest.
  • The seat has the capacity to conform to the gamer’s body shape with the aim to achieve proper alignment and support for both the neck and spine.
  • The product is available in wide-ranging color options, including red and black.
  • The gaming chair seat’s height is adjustable to suit the user’s specific needs and its maximum load capacity is 280 pounds.
  • It also boasts a conventional tilt mechanism and universal casters.

A few things to take note of though:

  • If you are over 300lbs, you may have problems with this chair.
  • No instructions included (but it is very easy to put together!).
  • The seat is a little on the firm side in case you are looking for something more cushy.

Merax Ergonomic Racing Style

The Merax gaming chair has a sturdy base that provides optimal stability during intense gaming sessions.

  • It also comes with a well-designed lumbar support pillow and a detachable headrest.
  • Users can adjust the backrest down to 180 degrees using an advanced tilt locking mechanism.
  • On the other hand, the padded armrests are adjustable in a multi-directional fashion.
  • This makes it easier for gamers to switch to a comfortable position.
  • This chair boasts an attractive finishing thanks to the PU leather.
  • Its sleek look adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the room.
  • This gaming chair can handle a weight capacity of up to 230 pounds with ease.

Just a few things to take note of though:

  • If you are over 230lbs, I would recommend any other chair on this page.
  • Just like most less than $100 options, the armrests are not adjustable.

Ace Bayou V Rocker Chair

The Ace Bayou V Rocker Gaming Chair gives you the ultimate gaming experience.

  • It offers a V Rocker interactive audio and powerful speakers with a subwoofer.
  • Users can take advantage of a wireless audio transmission, side control panels and other features.
  • The product is truly a multimedia seat designed to enhance your gaming experience.
  • The side control panel comes with input/output jacks and volume plus bass control.
  • This gaming chair offers superior comfort with a set of ergonomic features, such as well-designed head, arm and high-back rest.


  • It is definitely not something that will work for PC gaming – more for console gamers only.
  • If you are fairly tall, it is not overly comfortable since it sits so low to the floor.

What to look for when choosing a top gaming chair this is affordable

There are many factors to consider when you want to buy. A gamer chair can cost between $100 and $1000, but in this case, we wanted something affordable to the most amount of people possible.  There were a number of different things that we looked at when we made our choices:

  • What are some of the most popular and good quality brands?
  • Having a budget friendly price tag in mind while maintaining high quality materials.
  • Is is comfortable in different sitting positions for long hours – both the seating area and back? According to a 2014 Nielsen study, an individual over the age of 13 spends an average of 6.3 hours a week playing a video game. This study takes into account the entire population. Given this insight, you can imagine the time spent by professional gamers, enthusiasts, casual gamers and office workers.
  • Heavy duty and sturdy construction.
  • Different options for styles and colors.
  • High weight limits and restrictions.
  • Offers great ergonomics. The majority of gamers are young and they are unlikely to have a back problem until they reach a certain age. Nowadays, video games are much more popular than decades ago. It is therefore essential to have an ergonomic gamer chair even if the price is a little higher than conventional chairs.
  • Good back support with adjustable lumbar.  If your budget is limited, many affordable chairs offer good back support. The gamer chairs designed for PC gamers look like car racing seats. The gamer chairs for console players are different. They are low and often incorporate loudspeakers. Being close to the ground makes their use impossible in an office. You will not be able to use them to play on a PC. Both chairs can be used to play and watch movies; it all depends on your preferences and home installation.
  • Build quality.  Especially on things like the upholstery, caster wheels and other components.
  • Chair features.  This includes things like how many maximum comfort adjustments are available for your personal preference, how well it swivels, tilt lock, easy to move, etc.
  • Is it easy to assemble?
  • Does it enhance the gaming experience?

As mentioned above, price is one of the most important factors when buying a gamer chair. Ergonomics comes second. It is important to have a gamer chair that fully supports your back with maximum comfort. You will avoid pain and health problems in the future. Some gaming chairs are more customizable than others.

The Different Types Of Chairs We Looked At

There are basically three different types that we looked at because these seem to be among the most popular among different gamers:

  • Sleek and stylish racing style.
  • Classic office style computer desk chair.  Like a leather executive chair.
  • rocker chairs (mainly used by console players in a game room setting).

Ergonomics: the key to a good gamer chair under $100

A good gaming chair can adapt to your morphology is essential. Small cushions that are located at the neck and lower back provide better comfort for the user. The adjustable armrests allow you to adapt the chair to your body since they are often adjustable in height, width, depth and can be more or less turned inwards.

The structure of an armchair is usually made of metal to ensure a strong and durable use. The finishing is also very important; it can be breathable mesh, quality fabric, black leather or cheap imitation leather. The advantage of the fabric is that it is soft but maintenance will be necessary. Leather is more beautiful even if it needs a suitable temperature. When it is cold, leather becomes cold and when it is hot the seat will stick with perspiration.

Many players swear by the power of their PC. And it is true that a PC with good components (a good graphics card and processor) is the priority when aiming for superior quality performance and reach the famous 60 fps bar. Many also worry about good peripherals – a good gamer keyboard and a mouse are essential to play correctly. That said, if there is one thing more important than the best Nvidia (or AMD) graphics card in the world is your health and especially your high back.

When you spend a lot of time on your PC, investing in a gamer chair becomes a high priority. This improves your comfort and concentration.

Some of the key questions to ask yourself before choosing a chair include:

– Can the chair bend? Is it mesh?
– Is the armrest and headrest adjustable and detachable?
– Does the chair provide optimal ergonomic support?  Including lumbar?
– Is it possible to adjust the height or is it adjustable to provide good posture with your computer?

Racing-style chairs often have narrow backs with curved sides, limiting the space available for your shoulders. For some, they will be high enough not to bother you but others could be painful for your back.

As for your shoulders, some chairs have a curved, low back that limit available space. The same applies to non-adjustable armrests, you may feel cramped on this type of chair.

On the other hand, keep the length of your legs in mind when looking for a chair. You want them to touch the floor comfortably, but also to have enough space between the chair and the desk.

Some Other Top Gaming Chair Recommendations

  • Ace Bayou Video Rocker
  • Big Joe Dorm Chair
  • Amazonbasics Mid
  • Various Modway, Lorell and Merax options.

Top Gaming Chair Conclusion

The comfort of the best gaming chairs under $100 depends primarily on the features that are exposed to your body. The type of material used to make the seat impacts the ease of cleaning. Leather is easier to clean because it is waterproof. When you plan to invest a small fortune in a product, it is very important to read tests and comparisons.

All gamer or racing chairs have a maximum weight support, which is typically 250 pounds. If your weight is higher, look for extra-large chairs. The height of a seat will affect the inclination of your knees when sitting. If you are small, you will not want a high chair that does not allow you to touch the floor. If you are tall, a low gamer chair will hurt your knees causing discomfort.

Any of these great options for best chairs will suit your style well!  Get one for the office computer desk too (not just for games)!  Whatever is in your budget – from cheap to more!  Hope you liked our reviews.


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